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Features and function: The more features you want and the higher level of performance you’d like, the more you’ll pay for hearing aids. Almost-invisible hearing aids that work well across a spectrum of listening environments and are designed for someone with an active lifestyle are likely to be more costly (and work better) than lesser models.

Like any other technology, your hearing aid price depends on the features you choose and, more importantly, what your hearing healthcare professional recommends for you. The more features you receive, the more the hearing aids will cost. For example, if you live a very active lifestyle, we may recommend dual microphones to help you hear better in noisy environments. Our patients are typically very satisfied with this feature.

All hearing aids can come with an adjustment or trial period, your hearing specialist will work this with you. 

The 6 Most Reputable Hearing Aid Brands 

They are listed below in alphabetical order with link

  1. Oticon 

  2. Phonak

  3. Signia (siemens) 

  4. Starkey 

  5. Resound

  6. Widex

All types of hearing aids
different levels of technology

All Manufactures have different levels of hearing technology

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