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Our Team is Here for You

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Mel Dermody

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Having dealt with a life long hearing loss, Mel is your local hearing specialist and brings years of personal experience and expertise in the hearing healthcare field to Hearing World. He offers access to the latest and most advanced technological developments in hearing technology.

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Peter Shiel

Hearing instrument specialist

Peter completed his Degree in Audiology and has years of experience working with patients in both the public and private field. He is also qualified in lyric fittings and has worked with patients in the Midwest for many years. He offers the most up to date hearing aid technology at his locations.

Our commitment to you

We firmly believe that a hearing aid should not only address an individual's specific hearing loss pattern but also align with their lifestyle.

It's crucial to engage with the patient and identify the most suitable option for them. If you don't feel at ease with the hearing aid, you are unlikely to incorporate it into your daily routine. Precision in addressing the details and ensuring the right programming and adjustments are made are essential to your success.

We invest the necessary time to each patient's priorities, taking into account various factors such as aesthetics, visibility, comfort, and the surrounding environment where the patient resides and works.

Our familiarity with all our patients allows us to grasp their unique preferences and lifestyle needs thoroughly. 

Our Mission

Your Medical Hearing Equipment Pros

At Hearing World in Chicago, we're not just a local hearing aid store, we're a promise of excellence in medical equipment. Our foundation rests on variety and fairness, values we've cherished since our inception. Our team, professionally certified and deeply committed, ensures every client receives swift and top-notch service.

Why choose us? It's simple: our focus on personalized attention and our unwavering commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We don't just sell hearing aids; we provide a gateway to better hearing. Our esteemed ear specialists and experts constantly evolve with the auditory field, ensuring that our equipment is not just modern, but revolutionary. We partner with leading manufacturers, guaranteeing the most effective solutions in hearing technology.

Our mission? To transcend expectations through our exceptional service, expertise, and cutting-edge technology. Experience the Hearing World difference. Contact us for a complimentary hearing test and step into a world where your hearing needs are met with unmatched quality and care. Visit Hearing World today and hear the world like never before.




Our Locations

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